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Welcome to the help page. It contains a wealth of information about the Bossard e-Shop and how to place an order.


About us
This e-Shop is where you will find all the fasteners and fixings designed and supplied by Bossard AG. Visit the Bossard website for information on the company and its products and services. All transactions are subject to our terms and conditions.

Please contact us if you have any queries on products or orders, or if you need technical help.

How the shop is arranged
Catalogue groups 1 to 15 and the T section (technical information) are arranged down the left-hand side. Selecting a group makes its individual product lines appear.

Clicking on a BN (Bossard article number) displays the item's description and a list of the sizes available.

The right-hand area contains the search field, the login details (this displays your user account details when you are logged in) and a continuously updated view of the contents of your shopping basket if you are logged in.

Clicking on Home at the top transfers you to your country’s home page. To change country, log in and choose Country at top right.

Technical requirements
The Bossard e-Shop has been optimised for:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, V6 and later
  • Firefox, V2 and later

Please ensure you have installed one of these two browsers and that it is updated.

Other browsers may well work, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Operating system:
The Bossard e-Shop is optimised for the following operating systems:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP

Other operating systems may well work, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Please email if you are experiencing problems with the approved browsers and operating systems.



If you already have a username and password, go ahead and log into the Bossard e-Shop.

Forgotten password
If you forget your username or password, fill in the form and we will send you your login data as soon as possible.

Credit card orders
If you are placing a one-off order and want to pay by credit card, you need to click on Credit card order. This allows you to buy items straightaway, but because you are not storing details such as the shipping address or previous orders, you will have to enter these all over again as and when you next place an order. Items currently out of stock are marked  and have to be removed from the basket before you can place the order. Logging in allows you to take advantage of personalised ordering.

Registration - new customers
If you have not yet registered to receive a username and password, click on New customer registration and complete the form. For your safety, Bossard will first check the information you give before sending you your access data via e-mail. You can modify your login data by clicking on Personal Settings.


If you are logged in and want to pay by credit card, simply enter the number of items required in the Quantity field and confirm by hitting the Enter key or clicking the Place in basket button.

You will see the selected items listed on the right-hand side in the Shopping Cart.
The display shows up to ten items - click on Open shopping cart to display all the items.
To place the order, click on Proceed to checkout.


You have a variety of ways of finding an item using the Bossard e-Shop's search function:

1. Select the desired option from the drop-down list
2. Enter the desired number or text
3. Click on Go


Cutomer article number  If you have stored your article numbers in the Bossard e-Shop, you can use them as a search term
Bossard article number Precise definition for every item in the Bossard product line-up
Full text search Enter the text. If you know only part of the text, type * in place of the missing text. The Bossard e-Shop will search for and display all the terms containing the combination of letters you have entered.

Search by norm AFNOR  Association française de normalisation
  ANSI American National Standards Institute
  BN Bossard article number
  DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung
  EN European Norm
  ISO International Organization for Standardization
  SN Schweizer Norm
  UNI  Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione
  VSM Verein Schweizerischer Maschinen-Industrieller




Last search
Lists your last search results.

How to search 
This explains how to optimise your search using specific criteria.

Personal settings

A Bossard e-Shop account stores the following data:

  • Invoice address
    Clicking on Details displays the address. It cannot be altered by the user - please get in touch with your usual Bossard contact or use our contact form if you need to change anything.
  • Shipping address
    Clicking on Details displays the address.
    This address cannot be altered by the user, but it can be deactivated - in which case it will not appear during the final stages of placing the order (e.g. rarely used addresses). Please get in touch with your usual Bossard contact or use our contact form if you need to change anything.
    Temporary shipping address:
    This is where you can enter a one-off shipping address for use during the final stages of placing the order.
  • Login data
    This is where you can change your password, which must consist of at least eight alphanumeric characters (no special characters). If you have forgotten your password, click on Forgotten password.
  • Registering a new user
    This is where you can enter employees who are authorised to place orders on behalf of your company. Their personal username and password will be sent within a few days.

Shopping cart template
You can create purchase templates and/or place a previously saved purchase template in your current shopping basket.

Open shopping cart
This is where you can view the items you have placed in the basket - you are not placing the order at this stage.

Last orders 
This contains an archive of past orders you have placed with the Bossard e-Shop.

Use this to log out of the Bossard e-Shop.

After you logged in the shopping cart is visible.
The last 10 articles you put into the shopping cart are visible on the right. To see the whole shopping cart you must open it with "Open shopping cart". In the shopping cart you see following details: the Bossard number (BN), article number, size and quantity. You see if an article is on Stock , not available  or if only a partial shipment is possible . Click  to delete articles from the shopping cart.

To edit the shopping cart or to process the order click "Open shopping cart" or "Proceed to checkout.

Direct order
If you know the Bossard article number (BN) of the desired product, or your customer article number is stored in the Bossard e-Shop, you can place these in the basket using Direct order.
Enter the BN or your customer article number together with the quantities required in the relevant fields. Hitting the Enter key or clicking Place in basket transfers the items to your basket.

Open shopping cart / Proceed to checkout 
This is where you can modify the contents of your basket and/or place the order:

  1. Basket contents
    You can see what is in your basket. Items marked  are in stock and ready for shipping. Items marked  are not in stock and will be shipped as soon as possible. You can delete items or alter quantities - clicking on Recalculate updates the contents. Use the Description/Customer remarks field to leave an internal memo for yourself - this text does not get passed on to Bossard.
    To continue shopping, click on Return to shop - your basket remains stored.
  2. Shipping details
    Now choose the invoice and shipping address, plus the type of delivery. If the desired address is not shown, go to Personal Settings to make the necessary changes.
    If you want, you can use the Order description field to leave an internal memo for yourself describing the order (e.g. an order number). Note that this text does not get passed on to Bossard.
    Click on Next to view the order preview.
  3. Order preview
    This displays a summary of what you are ordering.Clicking on Back allows you to modify the items ordered or change the shipping details. To place the order, click on the checkbox indicating that you accept our terms and conditions, then click on Place order.
    If you want to revisit the shop prior to placing the order, click on Back to shop - your basket remains stored.
  1. Confirmation
    Once you have placed your order, you will see a message confirming that your order has been received by Bossard. You also receive a reference number with which you can track its progress.

Preferred Assortment
As registered user you see "P Preferred Assortment" at the last position of the left navigation.
Send a list with your preferred articles to your sales contact of Bossard, he then will publish your range in the Bossard e-Shop. This allows you to even faster and easier access articles you require.

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