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What are the advantages of flanged screws and flanged nuts?
These products are multifunctional connecting elements. The use of washers is therefore superfluous and, in the case of a profiled flange, the elements also prevent rotational loosening.

Can you dimension a screw joint for me?

In principle you are responsible for dimensioning but we will be happy to assist and advise you. In special cases, a recalculation for the joint will be made when all data have been supplied to us.

From which screw diameter must hexagon screws be stamped on the screwhead with the appropriate quality and the manufacturer's designation?


What are the differences between Marutex® and A2 drill screws with respect to the mechanical properties?
Marutex® materials are harder and accordingly have a smaller extension.


What is the difference between a Torx® and a Torx plus® drive?
The angle of attack in the standard Torx® is 15 degrees and that in the Torx plus® is 0 degrees. Advantage: longer tool lives. Another advantage is better sliding of the bit into the inner drive. Owing to the elliptical shape, there is no radial force component.


Why are drill screws more difficult to mount in large metal sheets than in smaller metal sheets?
Large metal sheets are very flexible, i.e. the pressure cannot be transmitted 1:1. The screw tip can thus be annealed.


Can DIN7500 threadtapping screws be screwed into lasertreated metal sheets?
Yes, if the sheet material is not hardened by the thermal action of the laser. Before the sheet material is chosen, it is advisable to carry out a test on sample sheets.

From which property class is the term 0.2% yield point (Rp0,2) used?

In the case of heat-treated screws from Class 8.8 and Inox screws.



What is particularly important during assembly with a chromium steel screw/nut joint?
The connecting element should be lubricated to prevent pitting during assembly.


How are the cup springs dimensioned? What are their characteristics? What is the effect of mounting the cup springs in alternate directions or in the same direction?
The cup springs can be combined in various ways when used in spring columns. When individual cups are stacked in the same direction, the spring force is proportionate to the number of individual cups in the case of identical spring travel. When individual cups are arranged in series in alternate directions, the spring travel is proportionate to the number of individual cups in the case of identical spring force.


Why do you recommend the use of round hexagon socket screws?
Round hexagon socket screws permit optimal force transmission. In comparison with other socket drives, this drive system is distinguished by little wear and low contact pressure.


What do you understand by the term 100 ppm?
100 deficient parts per million.


How is it possible for faulty parts to be included in the delivery?
Connecting elements are mass-produced products. Our standards for acceptance testing comply with DIN or ISO basic standards and the associated technical conditions of delivery. Higher quality requirements in the ppm range should be agreed specifically in the order.


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